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Ask me anything   Hi, my name is Emerald. I love to crochet and I tend to find inspiration in everything. I mostly stay in the realms of hooks and yarn, but I'm known to dabble in other areas of my creativity. In this blog, you will not only find a bunch of reblogs, but I also post my endeavors and WIPs.
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Quick project, rust and teal. 

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Life annoucement: I move into my new apartment this week! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! I’m actually only four days away, but who’s counting?

I honestly didn’t expect to find an apartment that I love so quickly, but I did, and here we are! My brain has been abuzz with ideas of how to decorate + what type of style I want to achieve. All I have to say is thank GOODNESS for my Pinterest boards, where I’ve been virtually prepping for this big move for almost a year.

My DIY Projects board is one of my favorites. So, today, I’m going to share a few of my favorites from this board with you…some of which I’m already working to install in my own new place:

  1. Rustic Dining Table
  2. Tree Brand Wall Art
  3. Refinished Nightstand with Tin Foil
  4. Crate Shelving
  5. Chic Wood Headboard
  6. Refurbished Mirrored Dresser
  7. Glitter Mason Jars
  8. Modern Wall Art

There were so many great DIY’s I wanted to share, so make sure you head over to my board to check them out!

Have you ever DIY-ed projects for your home? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience/results. Otherwise, I’d love to know which above project you think I’ve already chosen for my new space. Winner gets something…even if only street-cred.

Finally, happy Monday! Go ahead and get after this week. We’re already closer to the weekend!

also, if you like this post, I just KNOW you’re gonna love this one: DIY Home Bars. Enjoy!

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DIY hand-stamped spoons for labeling, wedding table escort cards, sweet gifts, and more, with an inexpensive stamping kit and thrifted utensils. (via bldg 25)

well now I need this stamping kit 


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DIY Balenciaga Golden “Tube” Brass Rings from Made In Pretoria here. Top Photo: $765 (set of 5 rings) by Nicolas Ghesquière Golden “Tube” Brass Rings here, Middle Photo: Alternative to Plumbing Fixtures - $13.56 ASOS Pack of 8 Smooth Rings here, Bottom Photo: DIY Inspiration from Made In Pretoria. 

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For all you nicotine fiends like myself…

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